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VW Tiguan Folding Mirrors
VW Tiguan Folding Mirrors
Post: VW Tiguan Folding Mirrors Complete set folding mirror for Tiguan

VW Tiguan Folding Mirrors Complete set folding mirror for Tiguan

You are introducing the perfect addition to your VW Tiguan – the new Complete set folding mirror! Our innovative design combines luxury and convenience, allowing you to make all the necessary adjustments easily. Whether you need to adjust your wing mirrors for parking or fold them back up when out on the go, this complete set allows you to do it all with a simple flick of your finger. So say goodbye to awkward and time-consuming manual adjustments – this Mirror has covered it!


This guide is designed to assist you in properly installing the Complete Set Folding Mirror for VW Tiguan AD1 and AX1. This system improves vehicle visibility, convenience, and safety features. This set includes a pair of folding mirrors that attaches to the factory-installed side view mirrors. The easy installation process allows for quick and efficient installation with simple tools provided in the kit.

These folding mirrors are manufactured from high-strength materials and utilize modern engineering principles that maximize their performance in all conditions. In addition, the robust design of these VW Tiguan folding mirrors ensures years of dependable operation without any special maintenance or upkeep. All installation and assembly instructions are included with this guide so you can enjoy your improved vision on the roads safely and conveniently with these complete set folding mirrors for VW Tiguan AD1 & AX1.

Benefits of Folding Mirror for VW Tiguan AD1, AX1

Folding mirrors for the VW Tiguan AD1, AX1 offer multiple advantages for drivers. These external mirrors provide more visibility and allow a better view of traffic on the side and behind the vehicle. They also offer improved aerodynamics to reduce drag, so the car experiences less wind resistance when driving. In addition, folding mirrors help protect your vehicle from dust, dirt, and other elements when not in use, so there’s less potential for damage that can require costly replacement or repairs. Finally, folding mirrors can improve overall aesthetic appeal by providing a sleeker look to your car compared to traditional external non-folding models.

Features of Folding Mirror for VW Tiguan AD1, AX1

The Complete set folding mirror for VW Tiguan AD1, AX1 has a range of features, such as an adjustable and foldable Glass Full Mirror Control, an integrated Glass Heater System, Antidazzle Anti-glare Film Coating, and its contemporary design.

The adjustable Folding Mirror enables you to take one of three positions to improve visibility – standard (non folded), inwards (for parking situations), or outwards (for use when turning). Additionally, the integrated Glass Heater System helps to reduce the risk of fogging and keeps the mirrors clear even during extreme temperatures. Furthermore, glare is filtered with an advanced Antidazzle Anti-glare Film Coating, making it resistant to scratches. The modern design, with its glossy surface, looks attractive on any vehicle.

This Complete set folding mirror for VW Tiguan AD1 and AX1 provides flexibility of vision and a sleek look for improved safety when driving.

Maintenance Tips for Folding Mirror

A folding mirror is an important safety feature for owners of a VW Tiguan AD1 and AX1. It allows you to quickly check the rear-view mirror while driving and helps to increase visibility. However, due to exposure to the elements, it is essential to think about maintenance regularly. Here are some tips on how to help keep your folding mirrors in peak condition:

  • Periodically inspect your mirrors for any signs of wear and tear or damage. If necessary, replace any parts that no longer function properly.
  • Wipe down and clean your mirrors after every car wash or rain event with glass cleaner; avoid using abrasive cleaning products or tools as this may damage the surface.
  • Apply a layer of automotive wax over the edges of the mirror casing at least once a year to protect it from corrosion caused by water and dirt.
  • Check that all bolts holding the Mirror are secure; use only thread-locking compound if necessary to keep them from vibrating loose over time.

These preventative maintenance tips can help ensure that your folding mirrors for Volkswagen Tiguan AD1 and AX1 will continue functioning smoothly for years to come!

Common Issues with Folding Mirror for VW Tiguan AD1, AX1

Folding mirrors on the VW Tiguan AD1 and AX1 have been causing issues for several years. Common problems include misalignment, the slow response time when folding and unfolding, dimming, and moisture buildup leading to rust and other corrosion. These issues can be experienced under different driving conditions but are most noticeable when your VW Tiguan is exposed to extreme temperatures or high-humidity climates. In addition, mechanical failure can arise due to frequent use, the age of the vehicle, or improper installation or maintenance.

To prevent joint problems, it is essential to check your mirrors regularly for signs of wear and tear or misalignment. When replacing a complete set folding mirror assembly, good quality parts that abide by OEM standards and regulations should not cause further issues down the road. It is also essential to ensure that all components are securely installed with tight screws; otherwise, they may come loose while driving. Proper maintenance, including regular cleaning with a soft cloth, ensures that dirt or moisture buildup does not cause any additional issues in the future.

Troubleshooting Guide for Folding Mirror

If you have difficulty operating your folding Mirror on your VW Tiguan AD1, AX1, this troubleshooting guide will help you identify and resolve the problem. Some common issues may involve the Mirror failing to stand up or not staying down when in the open or closed position. This guide will help you determine whether the issue lies with a malfunctioning motor or is solely related to improper alignment of the mirror components.

Before assessing any potential problems, ensure power is running through all connections and connections are secured properly between all components, including cables and sensors. If, after verifying that power is being provided, manual operation of the mirrors may be needed, refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on adjusting settings accordingly. If this does fix the problem, no further troubleshooting should be necessary.

If further troubleshooting is needed, check both motors of your folding mirrors. At the same time, they are in operation to evaluate if additional force (manual or electric) needs to be applied. If necessary adjustments do not resolve the issue regarding one of your folding mirrors not staying open/closed correctly despite applying moral force:

  • Check electrical circuits and ensure an appropriate supply voltage & amp draw levels are consistent across motors (Should range from 9-12 VDC).
  • Verify multiple safety relays have been engaged correctly before installation comprising of main relay & actuator relay pairs
  • Observe internal gear mechanisms for any potential obstructions hindering the full movement of internal motor parts – such as those located at the pivot point arm for vertical motion or lever arm for tilt motion.

Following these steps should help you identify whether there’s an issue with your Volkswagen Tiguan AD1, AX1’s folding mirror motor assembly, or its alignment settings so that you can easily diagnose and fix your problem quickly and easily.


The folding Mirror for VW Tiguan AD1 and AX1 provides a reliable and secure viewing angle solution for the vehicle. The Mirror has been designed for easy installation, with dedicated mounting brackets that accommodate many vehicles. The Mirror fits into the back of the sun visor, allowing for an unobstructed view of the exterior environment. It also offers excellent light reflection and durable construction to guard against wear and tear. The adjustable hinges also provide users with an enhanced level of safety as poses can be adjusted as needed to improve visibility when driving at night or in foggy conditions. Additionally, its folding feature help reduces unnecessary clutter on the dashboard or glove compartment space when it is not in use. Overall, this set of folding mirrors offers superior convenience and performance, making it the go-to choice for VW Tiguan AD1, AX1 owners looking to improve their driving experience.