VW Atlas Horn Upgrade – Retrofit kit for double-tone horn for VW

VW Atlas Horn Upgrade

VW Atlas Horn Upgrade – Are you the proud owner of a VW T-Roc A11 but feel like something is missing? If you’ve wished for a double-tone horn to give your beloved ride a more classic feel, your wish is now granted! Be one of the first to install our retrofit kit, designed with the […]

Volkswagen E-Golf Adaptive Cruise Control for VW Golf 7

Volkswagen E-Golf Adaptive Cruise Control

Volkswagen E-Golf Adaptive Cruise Control – Are you looking for a way to improve your VW Golf 7 drive experience? We have an answer for you: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). With ACC, you can let your VW Golf 7 take the wheel while you relax and enjoy the ride. Keep reading to learn more about […]

Volkswagen Front Camera – Complete set for VW ID5 E39

Volkswagen Front Camera

Volkswagen Front Camera – Are you looking to go the full nine yards with your VW ID5 E39? Look no further! We have all the right tools and products to help you get complete visibility of the road ahead, with a complete set Front and Rear View Cameras. Let’s get started and take back the […]

Tiguan Odometer Display VW Tiguan AD1, BW2

Tiguan Odometer Display

Tiguan Odometer Display – Do you want to jazz up your driving experience? Look no further than the Instrument Cluster, Active Info Display AID for VW Tiguan AD1, BW2. This innovative new display will take your car’s design and functionality to new levels. Read on to find out more about this cutting edge technology. Introduction […]

TDI TO T5 Adapter – Retrofit Solutions For VW T5 7H

TDI TO T5 Adapter

TDI TO T5 Adapter – If you’re looking for the perfect retrofit solutions for your VW T5 7H, you’ve come to the right place! We understand that retrofitting a classic vehicle can be a complex process, but we’re here to make it as easy as possible. Our blog is full of helpful tips and tricks […]

VW Tiguan Folding Mirrors Complete set folding mirror for Tiguan

VW Tiguan Folding Mirrors

You are introducing the perfect addition to your VW Tiguan – the new Complete set folding mirror! Our innovative design combines luxury and convenience, allowing you to make all the necessary adjustments easily. Whether you need to adjust your wing mirrors for parking or fold them back up when out on the go, this complete […]

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) for VW Touareg 7P

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) for VW Touareg 7P

Touareg Adaptive Cruise Control – Are you having difficulty keeping your VW Touareg 7P in the same lane on the highway? Having to adjust your speed when approaching slower traffic ahead constantly? Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) technology is here to help. Welcome to our blog, where you can learn about ACC and how it can […]

Park Pilot with OPS Front & Rear Retrofit for VW Atlas CA1

Park Pilot with OPS Front & Rear Retrofit for VW Atlas CA1

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to more intelligent driving with the OPS Front & Rear Retrofit for VW Atlas CA1. With this revolutionary technology, you can leave the parking lot behind and hit the open road like never before! See how this retrofit will bring your VW Atlas up to speed and revolutionize your […]

Golf MK7 Adaptive Cruise Control Retrofit – How to Retrofit

Golf MK7 Adaptive Cruise Control Retrofit

What is Adaptive Cruise Control, and how does it work? Adaptive cruise control is a feature available on some newer model cars. It uses sensors to adjust the car’s speed based on traffic flow automatically. This can be particularly useful on long trips or in stop-and-go traffic. Adaptive cruise control can be retrofitted to some […]

VW Golf Reverse Camera – The Benefits

VW Golf Reverse Camera

The VW Golf’s reverse camera is a lifesaver, especially in parallel parking. If you know how it feels to angle yourself just the right way for parallel parking, you’ll appreciate the VW Golf’s reverse camera. The camera, found either in the rearview mirror or as a separate monitor depending on model and year, offers drivers […]